CLient Testimonials

Mr Robert Pearce

Sanya is an extraordinary and uniquely talented counsellor. I was recommended to see her by a friend, and Sanya has been an absolute god send.


What makes Sanya uniquely amazing is difficult to completely describe. She has a very high powers of empathy, listening and seeking a deep understanding of an individual and your concerns. Her insight allows her to “see” into the heart of whatever your issues are, and then articulate it with great accuracy and tenderness. She does not impose ready-made solutions, but truly helps you find your own way through your issues. All of this is done in an aura of utter calm and tranquillity.


All though our discussions, Sanya maintains a loving, living and humorous atmosphere which is in itself healing and helpful.


Amazing! A truly radiant-thinking lady!

Megan, Wokingham

I have been good friends with Sanya for many years.  Initially she taught me guitar but as soon as I met her I could sense that she would become much more to me than that.  Her inner calmness radiates to those around her making them feel that they can relax, open up and be themselves.  A superb listener and communicator with no judgement.  


Sanya has "counselled" me as a friend on many occasions with beautifully written and thoughtful emails, fun Skype sessions and meet ups.  She has a knack of seeing the bigger picture and gently suggesting pointers for me to find the way forward. 


I firmly believe that Sanya was the catalyst for much of my own personal growth that began to take place after my divorce. I now find myself inwardly at peace with myself much of the time and life is improving on that calm foundation.  I thoroughly recommend that you try a counselling session with this lovely lady.

Mrs P. Rice

Sanya is someone with whom it is safe to share. She provides a haven of peace when you feel that you are shattered and broken and she helps people to identify and pick up all the pieces so that they can get their life back together and walk on with a new sense of purpose and resolve.


She really cares and the spiritual basis for her work is always clear in all she does.

Camilla Jackson

I cannot recommend Sanya’s counselling sessions high enough. She is an absolute natural in helping you sort through your issues whatever they are. With her undivided attention, guidance and sincerity she can help you gain clarity, peace and direction.


I have sought her help and counsel for the last seventeen years and I will forever turn to her for reflection and assistance in understanding my issues as her advice, skills and guidance are not only highly impressive, but effective.


Call her no matter how big or small your issue. Her gifted soul will undoubtedly help you.