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Counselling & Life Coaching

Talking therapy assists clients with gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their situation by identifying their strengths and weaknesses as well as patterns of negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours which contribute to their experience.

The goal of Counselling is to offer clients a safe, trustworthy environment to reconnect to a deeper part of themselves and discover ways in which they can lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

While counselling is looking at how the past influences the present, Life Coaching is more focused towards setting goals and using a therapist’s assistance to reach those goals.




Sanya Ozic

After spending over two decades teaching music to students of all ages, many sessions included talking therapy which aimed at helping students with their performance or exam anxiety, stress and other related challenges. This ability and understanding naturally led me to train and qualify as a professional counsellor and life coach to be able further assist and empower people to cope with life and its challenges since 2016.

BA Mus (Hons)

S.A.T Dip. Advanced Counselling

S.A.T. Dip. Joint Professional Life Coaching and Counselling

VTCT Dip. Complementary Therapies

BAB Coach

BAB Young People Coach